Monday, November 28, 2016

Smore - it's not what you think!

No I am not going to talk about how to make chocolate-y deliciousness using graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows (although that does sound good!)  Instead, I want to tell you about this online tool to make a flyer/poster using website Smore.  Once I created a free account, I had access to many different templates and layouts.  The online templates are very user friendly, so when you pick the one you want to use, the program takes you step by step through each of the components, so you can edit and make it your own.  I was able to edit the title, text, and add pictures with minimal difficulty.  When you are finished creating your flyer, you can save it to your account, and use it whenever you want.  You are also given the option to send it via email as well.

I definitely think this would be a tool that I could use, to make handouts and references for parents.  I typically write out homework, with descriptions for parents, but instead I could send home my pre-created flyers.  I could make different flyers about each sound, how to produce it (with visuals and step by step instructions), and ways to practice at home as well as ways to target vocabulary, asking/answering wh - questions, and boost language skills.  It would cut down on the time I use to write out these tools for home, since I would be able to refer to them, and either print or e-mail them directly to parents.


  1. Although I'm disappointed this post didn't actually involve chocolate, I was excited to see how user-friendly Smore can be. I think I will try it too... would be a great way for me to make handouts for parents about self-calming techniques I teach the kiddos! Thanks.

  2. Imagine the library of resources you can build up for your parents with this tool! Thanks for sharing.